Ice Warriors declares war on SWAT

December 24, 2014 SMAC Headquarters –  S.W.A.T leader and creator Ganger90, decided to bring back SWAT yesterday and had a practice battle with Golds. They maxed a total of 28+ and won. Ganger90 was accused of stealing troops from Ice Warriors by Albc, Ice Warrior’s leader. Ganger kept denying and he was then banned from the Ice Warriors chat and so were all the other SWAT owners and leaders.

Ice Warriors leader Albc input on SWAT: The SWAT army is evil and corrupt, their leaders especially are a very bad influence to the community and the young troops who are in the army. In addition… they have stolen troops from us and we have warned them if they continue to troop steal- we would declare war. Clearly they did not listen and tried to recruit our troops into their army once again… so now we take action. 

S.W.A.T is now coming back to the top ten and will already have it’s first war of a new generation with another army in the top ten major.   The main questions still stand though, will they succeed? Is the description of Albc’s input about SWAT is true?


SMAC Reporter


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